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BREAKING: Twitter Trail Confirms “China Jon” Video as “False Flag”, Points To Huntsman Campaign

And so does the entire chronology of what happened before and after the video was anonymously published.

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January 27, 2012

On January 4, a video entitled “Jon Huntsman’s Values” was anonymously uploaded to YouTube.  The following day, this video went “viral” on the internet.  By the morning after that, it was being discussed in countless newspapers and television news studios nationwide.   The anonymous creator(s) of this absurd video — which has been nicknamed the “China Jon” video based on one of the titles displayed about halfway through its 72-second runtime — presented it as though it was intended to be an “attack” against Huntsman and a promotion for Ron Paul.  In reality, the intended purposes were exactly the opposite (as will be demonstrated momentarily).

On January 6, the day this “story” broke in the Establishment media, The End Run published an article entitled, “Huntsman Complicit in “False Flag”-Style Dirty Trick Against Paul“.  This article provided preliminary documentation of the suspicious way in which the Huntsman campaign and others had gone to work egregiously and cynically exploiting the “China Jon” video almost immediately after it appeared on YouTube, as well as early evidence that the video originated from within the Huntsman campaign itself. The article quickly went “viral”, and drew citations from the San Fransisco Chronicle, Reason, The New American, The Atlantic Wire, and others.

Since then, The End Run has investigated this matter in much greater detail, uncovering a mountain of additional evidence confirming the original article’s premise. A thorough follow-up article was in the works, but was temporarily shelved, with a plan to complete and release it ASAP, after more pressing and less time-consuming matters were dealt with.  However, around January 18th, it was reported that the Paul campaign has filed a lawsuit against the video’s anonymous creator(s).  At that point, The End Run dropped everything and worked around the clock to refine and expand the original draft into two extremely detailed and well-sourced reports on this matter in the shortest time frame possible, in the hopes that this critical information reaches the Paul campaign and helps with their lawsuit, and also helps in the “court of public opinion”.  This is one of those two reports.  The other is entitled “The ‘China Jon’ Fraud Deconstructed“, and you are urged to read it before or after this one.

As documented and demonstrated beyond any doubt in these two reports, the “Jon Huntsman’s Values” video (aka the “China Jon’” video) was a “false flag”-style dirty trick designed to sabotage the Ron Paul campaign and defame the candidate and his supporters — a goal which was accomplished with considerable success. Furthermore, all roads lead to the Huntsman camp, and especially Huntsman’s “viral video”-producing, social-media-utilizing, Establishment-media-darling daughters, or the “Jon2012Girls”, as they are known on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

Before proceeding, let’s get one thing perfectly clear: These pieces have not been commissioned, endorsed, vetted, or even seen by the Paul campaign prior to publication, and in no way speak for them. Likewise, the author does not speak for a single other Ron Paul supporter, let alone “Ron Paul supporters” everywhere (as if this should even need to be explained).

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As previously reported by this website, the deceptively named “NHLiberty4Paul” YouTube account to which the “China Jon” video was uploaded had been anonymously-created that very same day — a vital fact that is known by many who have followed this story in the “alternative” media, but which was conveniently omitted from most “mainstream” news reports.

What is not nearly as well-known by “alternative” and “mainstream” news consumers alike is that the same day, January 4th, a Twitter account was created with an identical username. What has also been almost universally overlooked is that it was from this Twitter account that the “China Jon” video was sent by its creator(s) to a hand-picked “shortlist” of individuals, many of whom in turn became the first bloggers and social media users to introduce it to the world.

While “The ‘China Jon’ Fraud Deconstructed” takes a much broader look at this issue, this particular article will specifically focus on these critical first tweets that started the entire firestorm, because they are extremely revealing as to the true nature of the “China Jon” video and the individuals behind it.  So, without further delay, let’s take a look at the tweets.

TWEET #1 (January 4, 10:35pm)

Here is the first Tweet “NHLiberty4Paul” sent out:

According to search results, this was the very first tweet on all of Twitter to link to the video.

The #jon2012girls tag is a pretty obvious one that jumps out, but how about #fitn? It stands for First In The Nation, referring to the New Hampshire primaries. It has been used by a variety of individuals, but appears to have been disproportionately used by Huntsman supporters. It was constantly used by Huntsman’s daughters when posting on their @Jon2012Girls twitter account. In fact, they used it roughly 46 times between December 28 and January 4 alone (not counting retweets). It was also constantly used by @Jon2012HQ, the “official Twitter campaign headquarters” for Huntsman, which used it roughly 12 times between December 28 and January 4. As for the @JonHuntsman account, he used it routinely from late September forward. He only sent out four total tweets from December 28 and January 4, and two of them had the tag attached. (By comparison, @RonPaul never used it at all during that period, nor in the months prior, going back as far as Twitter will allow — April 2011.)

As a matter of fact, if you Google “fitn” as of this writing, the first hit is a Huffington Post article entitled First in the Nation, #FITN“, written by? … Huntsman’s daughters. In October.

They finish the article with: “To keep up-to-date on the conversation in New Hampshire, follow our dad’s campaign here.”

Where is “here”?

Look familiar?

The other tags were likely attached for two reasons:
1) To make it seem more plausible that “NHLiberty4Paul” was a Ron Paul supporter
2) To hopefully get some Ron Paul supporters who follow those hashtags to notice the video and share it, thereby giving people the ability to say “See! Paul people were the first ones sharing it!” Fortunately, that did not happen.

TWEET #2 (January 5, 11:14am)

As explained in “The ‘China Jon’ Fraud Deconstructed“, the first tweet went virtually if not completely unnoticed. So, in the late morning the following day, “NHLiberty4Paul” began sending out more tweets, only this time they were tweeted “@” a “shortlist” of recipients. Here is the first of this series of tweets.

Who are these people? Let’s take a look.


Dan Brodigan. Never heard of him. Have you? Didn’t think so. “NHLiberty4Paul” has though, and thought he should have the idiotic “China Jon” video immediately after it was uploaded. Wonder why? Could it be because he is a self-described “Blogging Assassin” who constantly trashes Ron Paul, praises Jon Huntsman, promotes all of his attacks on Paul, and has been promoting Jon2012Girls since BEFORE the “China Jon” video was uploaded? Example Tweets from week leading up to January 5:

“BREAKING: Jon Hunstman calls our the racist and homophobic (and unelectable) Ron Paul…” (Dec 29)

“VIDEO Huntsman: “Ron Paul Sucks” (Dec 29)

“BREAKING: Ron Paul is a fucking lunatic” (Jan 2)

“If you haven’t seen Jon Huntsman new video attack Ron Paul, is fucking genius” (Jan 2)

“VIDEO Huntsman: “Ron Paul Sucks Part Deux (Twilight Zone Edition)” (Jan 2)

“This is fucking brilliant… @jon2012hq @Jon2012girls @michaeljknowles #ronpaul” (Jan 2)

“Only 5,800 followers away! C’mon people, we can DO THIS!!! RT @Jon2012girls: 25,000 followers = New Jon2012girls video. #tellyourfriends” (Jan 2)

“Thank God for you! MT @Jon2012girls Did Romney just say “I hope to win the whole enchilada” on Fox? It always tastes better on the way down.” (Jan 3)

“Gee, you @RonPaul supporters sure are an insane bunch…”

Are you starting to get it?


This is, as you could probably guess, “Dan Gainor”. Ever heard of him? Me neither. “NHLiberty4Paul” has though, and thought he should be one of the first people to have the “China Jon” video. Let’s see some of Dan Gainor’s Tweets in the days leading up to January 5th:

“Ron Paul IS worse than Obama.” (Dec 27)

“Ron Paul would make sure our enemy in Iran gets a nuke. I won’t EVER vote for that.” (Dec 28)

“Politicians have lied all through history. Sort of like Ron Paul and the newsletters.” (Dec 29)

“I’m awake, but electing Ron Paul would be a new national nightmare” (Dec 29)

“I get paid to tell the truth, like the racism in the Ron Paul newsletters.” (Dec 29)

Yeah, African-Americans would flee Obama who they supported 95% to aid crazy Ron Paul with the racist newsletters. lol” (Dec 30)

“It’s not hard, it’s impossible. It’s a delusional Paulbot fantasy.” (Dec 30)

Turns out Gainor is a “ freelance columnist” who is one of the most rabidly, openly, and borderline-obsessively anti-Paul people in the media.  You know, for someone who is supposedly off their rocker enough to make one of the most ludicrous, ineffective negative “political ads” in history (conveniently featuring footage of Jon Huntsman impressively speaking Chinese, looking cosmopolitan, and posing with his adopted children), “NHLiberty4Paul” sure does know some obscure bloggers, journalists, and social media users who just so happen to be amongst the absolute best people to send the video to in order to make sure it is quickly and aggressively used to attack Ron Paul and paint his supporters as xenophobic nutcases.


There is no need to even bother going into detail on this one. She is a well-known Fox News contributor and talking head who sometimes guest hosts for O’Reilly, and she has a long history of attacking Paul, such as when she infamously said on national TV that “Ron Paul really has no business being onstage as a legitimate representative of Republicans.”


This is a woman named S.E. Cupp. She is a GBTV Host. GBTV is an acronym for Glenn Beck TV. Before hosting for GBTV, she worked for Beck’s production company Mercury Radio Arts, and

Glenn Beck has long history of attacking Ron Paul and his supporters (egregious example). Beck likes to praise Paul on economic issues sometimes for credibility, but anyone who has paid attention knows that he actually hates him, attacks him on foreign policy constantly, and always turns on him/sabotages him at key moments. For example, he has really been ramping up the attacks on Ron Paul lately, saying for example that “many times he sounds like Al Qaeda’s PR department” and attempting to link him to “Soros-funded progressives and Communists”.

Did I mention that Beck is a close personal friend of Jon Huntsman’s billionaire father? Here’s a picture of them together “at the Huntsman family’s residential development and golf community in Driggs, Idaho.”

As for Glenn Beck TV host S.E. Cupp, she has said, for example:

“Ron Paul: “Maybe whining my responses will make them seem more credible and less crazy. Oh, and Holocaust deniers welcome.” (Nov 22)

Ron Paul: It makes more sense to work with people. Yes, I think Ahmedinejad wants to work with us. If “work with us” means kill us. (Dec 15)

“Ron Paul is on stage talking about some magic ring. I mean, talking about his third place finish in Iowa.” (Jan 3)

And the final two people that supposed “Ron Paul supporter” NHLiberty4paul first tweeted the Huntsman video to, kicking the whole campaign off? @JFKTruther and @InfoTerrorism, names which conveniently conjure up images of the two of the main things that anti-Paul smear merchants love to try to paint Ron Paul supporters as — “conspiracy theorists” and (domestic) terrorists. If the media had payed attention to this Twitter trail, you can bet that they would have focused on these two recipients.

TWEET #3 (January 5, 11:16am)

The following tweet was sent out two minutes after the previous.

Once again, let’s analyze the list.


Brandon Kiser is a student who founded a website called The Right Sphere.  His writings have often been published on The Daily Caller’s website.  He, of course, hates Paul, loves Huntsman, and promoted Huntsman’s previous “newsletter” attack ad on Paul the week before. Here are some of his tweets in the run up to Jan 5:

@keder Because Ron Paul is their Ayatollah. (Dec 27)

Makes one of us. RT @Chris_Moody: Santorum says he’d vote for Ron Paul if he’s the nominee (Dec 28)

Long-shot Huntsman may be GOP’s best shot… (28 Dec)

::begs for this to get media play:: RT @toddstarnes: Huntsman: “They pick corn in Iowa. They pick presidents in NH.” (Dec 29)

I am the 1 percent (as in Huntsman supporters). (Dec 29)

New Huntsman ad DESTROYS Ron Paul on the racist newsletters. h/t @allahpundit (Dec 29)

Officially donated to Jon Huntsman. Twelve days to New Hampshire! (Dec 29)

I still think this has been @JonHuntsman best ad so far. Positive, and his pitch in 90 seconds (Dec 30)

My work here is done. RT @NathanWurtzel Everyone just projected Paul finishing 3rd. Whew. (Jan 3)

Gingrich slapping Paul in his speech. Awesome. #iacaucus (Jan 3)

Hey @RonPaul, when was the last time you were a successful two-term governor and ambassador like @JonHuntsman? (Jan 3)

I don’t want to see Paul win Iowa, but if it helps Huntsman in New Hampshire, I wouldn’t mind. #iacaucus #fitn (Jan 3)

Paul really is disgusting. RT @ByronYork: Ron Paul on CNN: Gingrich ‘chickened out’ when facing draft in 1960s. (Jan 4)

@MelissaTweets Huntsman > Romney > Perry > Gingrich > Santorum > Paul. (Jan 4)

Kiser was the perfect “useful idiot” (look the term up if you don’t know what it means). Upon receiving a tweet about the “China Jon” video from “NHLiberty4Paul”, the gullible Kiser went berserk, angrily tweeting the video over and over again to his 4000+ followers while applying absolutely no skepticism regarding its origin. Furthermore, he was apparently unable to understand that an anonymous person on the internet creating a YouTube username with “4Paul” in it does not mean that the candidate then endorses whatever they upload (see his message sent directly to @RonPaul). Here are some of his Tweets from Jan 5:

“Ron Paul sure has some classy supporters” (Jan 5)

“Vile Ron Paul Supporter Ad Attacks Huntsman for Speaking Chinese and Adopting | The Right Sphere” (Jan 5)

“Vile Ron Paul Supporter Ad Attacks Huntsman for Speaking Chinese and Adopting” (Jan 5)

“Hey, @RonPaul: I was learning Spanish in high school and if I could I’d be ambassador to Spain. Do I have Spanish values?” (Jan 5)

“How on God’s green earth can any Ron Paul supporter – or the candidate – stand by this ad?” (Jan 5)

“Yes, TRS commenter. I am “pathetic” because I think a vile video by a Paul supporter is vile and want him to refute it.” (Jan 5)

Two of the links above were to an article that he hastily wrote on The Right Sphere. In his blind, naive rage, he gave it the headline “Vile Ron Paul Supporter Ad Attacks Huntsman for Speaking Chinese and Adopting,” characterized it as an “ad”, blamed “Ron Paul supporters” for it, and said he was “infuriated, appalled and disgusted” by it.

Ironically, Kiser even noticed that the video actually highlighted things that most people watching it would consider to be among Huntsman’s STRENGTHS, not weaknesses. Yet, like the dupe that “NHLiberty4Paul” accurately pegged him as, he was completely unable to put 2 and 2 together.

The vile video seems to suggest that Jon Huntsman is less of an American and shares less American values because he speaks Chinese and served his country as an ambassador to China. Oh, and because he adopted a daughter from there too. WTF? All three of the things these Paul supporters are disgustingly trying to hammer Huntsman for are either benefits to Huntsman’s candidacy or so personal that it should be off the table anyway

Even AFTER he got word that many people were flagging the video as an obvious “false flag”-style dirty trick, he STILL was not even able to entertain the idea.

Oh, now folks are saying the vile Paul supporter video was created by Jon Huntsman as a conspiracy. Idiots. (Jan 5)

Yeah, Brandon — we’re the idiots.


Zeke J. Miller is a political reporter for, a website focused on viral media. On their about page, they say: ““We feature the kind of things you’d want to pass along to your friends: an outrageous video that’s about to go viral, an obscure subculture breaking into the mainstream, a juicy bit of gossip that everyone at the office will be talking about tomorrow…” Sure enough, a quick Google search within that site shows that they have repeatedly covered and promoted the activities of Huntsman’s daughters, going back months.

A week before the “China Jon” video was uploaded, Huntsman’s campaign had released a “tacky, glib ‘Twilight Zone’ attack ad” about Ron Paul. Can you guess who posted it to Zeke Miller. He gave it the headline “Someone Finally Bothered To Attack Ron Paul”, and commented: “Jon Huntsman! A brutal review of some of Paul’s crazier moments” became one of the very first sites on the entire web to embed the “China Job” video shortly after it was uploaded, giving it the headline “Paul Supporters Launch Insane Attack On ‘Manchurian Candidate’ Jon Huntsman”. (They were actually the first site it embed it, if YouTube stats are to be believed.)

Furthermore, it appears that Miller himself may be on Huntsman’s Daughters’ mailing list, if not receiving personal e-mails from them. On January 5, the same day BuzzFeed posted the “China Jon” video, Miller tweeted: “In other fundraising news, @Jon2012girls email asking for help supporting “the Huntsman surge”.

On January 8th, the Editor-in-Chief of Buzzfeed (Ben Smith) tweeted that Paul’s camp “thinks (not unreasonably) that offensive video was a set-up.”  Meanwhile, that same day, Miller was publishing articles on BuzzFeed like:

Is Ron Paul Secretly Working For Mitt Romney?
“He’s certainly not helping his own campaign in these debates”

Paul Campaign Goes Negative On Huntsman/Santorum
“Scared? Or just trying to steal some votes?”


Erick Erickson was once characteized by Jon Stewart as “a guy whose entire resume is incendiary partisan rhetoric”. He likes Huntsman, passionately hates Paul, and is the managing editor of one of the most bitterly anti-Ron Paul sites out there, Here are some sample Tweets from the run up to Jan 5, when “NHLiberty4Paul” made him one of the first 14 people to receive a tweet linking to “China Jon”.

“RT @JonahNRO: I’ve never liked Huntsman more.” (10 Dec)

“Bawhahaha. Huntsman launches That is awesome.” (Dec 14)

“Hi, I’m Ron Paul and I’m paranoid.” (26 Dec)

RT @ruthsias: Ron Paul does interview with Iranian state TV, bashes Israel, defends Hamas – YouTube (Dec 29)

“If Jon Huntsman keeps this up, I might really start liking him.…” (Dec 29)

“@keder: Is it just me or does Ron Paul sound remarkably like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad?” (Dec 30)

“@keder You’re in the Ron Paul database at Stormfront already probably. They still call my old home number.” (Dec 30)

Observation: Santorum has the least amount of rabid supporters on twitter & Paul has the most who are also the most detached from reality. (Dec 31)

RT @Yousefzadeh “For No Political Office Whatsoever: Ron Paul” (Dec 31)

“This is Jon Huntsman’s best case scenario isn’t it? GOP rejects Romney headed to NH.” (Jan 3)

“The Huntsman Buzz In Iowa… via @ewerickson” (Jan 3)

Everybody get on Wikipedia to search for trilaterialists and Bilderbergers. Ron Paul is about to speak. (Jan 3)

Erickson was not initially a fan of Huntsman, but he began warming up to him in early November, and Huntsman’s daughters were well aware of his conversion-in-progress since Day 1. On November 8, Erickson wrote an article in which he said that Huntsman has “the best economic plan of all the candidates”, and concluded by saying: “I’m starting to think I need to walk it back on my rejection of Jon Huntsman. Because I’m starting to think even he would be more faithful in his conservative convictions than Mitt Romney.”

That same day (Nov 8), Huntsman daughters tweeted a link to the article, saying:

Check out article from @ewerickson, our dad @JonHuntsman a more faithful conservative than Mitt. #authenticity…

Erickson went on to praise Huntsman further over the following month — something that the the Huntsman campaign was so proud of that they went on to heavily tout his words in an official campaign ad.

Upon learning of the “China Jon” video, which was helpfully tweeted to Erickson (the site’s managing editor), quickly posted it, and, with zero proof or skepticism regarding its origin, opportunistically and absurdly cited the video as evidence that Ron Paul supporters are “mostly liberal Democrats who are mad that Obama has governed too far to the right”.

Even days later, after overwhelming evidence that the video was a “false flag” against Paul — a conclusion that was even agreed upon by a third party firm reportedly hired by the Paul campaign to investigate its origin — Erickson doubled-down, writing a ridiculous and supremely dishonest article entitled “The Mental Derangement of Ron Paul’s Campaign”, in which he said the following [comments by The End Run in bold/brackets]:

Supporters of Ron Paul produced a hit job on Jon Huntsman attacking Huntsman over his adopted daughter [Erickson states this as a fact without providing any evidence to support the notion that "Supporters of Ron Paul" made the video, and ignores all evidence to the contrary]. His daughter, ftom [sic] China, was left for dead in a market and the Huntsmans intervened, got her back to good health, and adopted her [Yes, a good deed that he had long  been trying to tell voters about in speeches, interviews, and on his website, and which millions of them found out about for the first time when it was touted in newspapers and on TV screens nationwide for days as a result of the "China Jon" video]. Someone put up a video attacking Huntsman adoption as proof that Huntsman is a foreign agent [Wrong, Erik. That was not the true intention of the video. Would ANYONE ever buy that patently absurd line of argument (that adopting two foreign children makes one a foreign agent)? DID anyone?] The video began circulating among Ron Paul supporters [TOTALLY unsubstantiated and false - he just made this up. The record clearly shows that it was being "circulated among" anti-Ron Paul twitter users and bloggers before any Ron Paul supporters or grassroots sites were even aware of it] and when Huntsman called them out, the Ron Paul campaign swung into high gear and produced a report [No, they did not produce a report. They commissioned a third party web consulting firm to investigate the issue, and they (the firm) eventually produced a report outlining their findings] that I can only venture to suspect was written by someone hopped up on gardasil, having acquired the mental retardation Michele Bachmann warned us about [According to their portfolio, the firm that wrote the report also contracts for PayPal and Ebay, not exactly companies known for hiring mental "retards" "hopped up on gardasil"]. The Ron Paul campaign — NOT SUPPORTERS, BUT CAMPAIGN — analysis [Again, it's not their analysis] concludes that Jon Huntsman attacked his own daughter in an attempt to smear Ron Paul [Right, and overwhelming evidence proves it. But why deal with the evidence when you've got smearing to do?] Yes, friends, it has come to that level of dain bramage [Well, with that insult, all of the evidence just vanishes. Great work Erick]. … The Paul campaign could have had the common decency to just say it was a supporter and condemn the attack on Jon Huntsman and his daughter [It wasn't a supporter, it was an opponent posing as a supporter, and they did condemn it immediately upon learning of its existence anyway, days before Erickson wrote this trash]. But the Paul campaign seems only willing to condemn black people, Jews, and gays [Please]. Everyone else is fair game, including the children of other Presidential candidates [Again, they repeatedly condemned the video immediately upon learning about it, days before Erickson wrote this]. What’s even more disturbing though is the Politico and other news outlets treating the Ron Paul defense as legitimate and questioning the Huntsman campaign [It's called not being blinded by maniacal bias against Paul.] That’s not something the media even did to John McCain in 2000 with the awful attacks on him in South Carolina. Pitiful all around. [It's clear who is pitiful, and it ain't people who treated this video with skepticism in the face of overwhelming evidence that it was a "false flag"-style dirty trick that was created by people wanting to hurt, not help, Ron Paul. That's why it was sent to people like Erick Erickson.]

Boy, “NHLiberty4Paul” sure picked the “wrong” person to send the video to.

By the way, Erickson was hired to work as a “political contributor” for “John King USA” on CNN in 2010. As previously reported by The End Run, King played part of the “China Jon” video in the middle of an interview with Ron Paul on January 6, with captions calling it a “POLITICAL AD” and a “PRO-PAUL VIDEO” that “ATTACKS HUNTSMAN”. This was right after he got done trying in vain to link Paul to racism and anti-Semitism.

Paul, of course, denounced the video, and pointed out the absurdity of asking him to answer for it. He apparently hadn’t even seen it yet. (Link to video of interview here.) Days earlier, King’s wife, CNN correspondent Dana Bash, let it slip that she is personally “worried” about the prospect of Ron Paul’s campaign continuing.


Less than two months earlier, Politico had profiled “Peter Nicely”, the man behind @LOLGOP, as “social media’s latest political satire sensation.” They continued:

In the last three months, his frequent tweets on GOP perfidy have taken his Twitter following from 7,000 to 20,000-not bad for a man without a public face. Nicely, unquestionably left-of-center, told this summer he feels “a need to balance the smug cynicism from the right.” “I think by acting like a left-wing Rush Limbaugh, I’m begging the right to grow the f*** up and listen to some adults,” he said in the interview.

Sounds like just the kind of guy who would be persuaded that former U.S. Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman is a “Manchurian Candidate” because he has two adopted daughters and speaks Chinese, huh? I can see why NHLiberty4Paul wanted him to have that video right away. However — shockingly! — he wasn’t persuaded. He probably got some good “LOLz” out of it, though, as he shared the link with his 30,000+ followers (via retweets) . Darn. That really “backfired” on “NHLiberty4Paul”.


This is the Twitter account of Marc Fortier, the “NH Regional Editor for” and “past president of the New Hampshire Press Association”. In November, Fortier reported that: “Jon Huntsman has made New Hampshire his main priority this election season, making more than 100 stops in the state since entering the presidential race back in June. Patch has covered many of his stops, as you can see from the many videos attached to this story.” (He attaches 20 videos.) One day before Fortier received his “China Jon” tweet, reported that: “Jon Huntsman’s daughters have also been hitting the pavement in New Hampshire for some time to drum up support for their father.”

“NHLiberty4Paul” must have figured he was just the kind of guy who would be persuaded by the “China Jon” video, stunned to learn that Huntsman is a “Manchurian Candidate”, and quick to alert the people of New Hampshire. Huntsman, of course, would tank in the polls, and Ron Paul would get a huge boost.

However, “unfortunately”, the opposite happened. The following day the Naushua Patch went with:

VIDEO: Huntsman Upset By Use of Adopted Daughters in Paul Supporter’s Attack Video“Jon Huntsman takes issue with the use of his daughters in a Ron Paul attack video.” (Jan 6)

Shoot. Strike 12.


This Twitter account no longer exists. I’m sure this person was a total Ron Paul fanatic though. And a hater of people who adopt small children, possibly saving their lives in the process. After all, don’t we all just hate that? Huntsman and his family must have been really upset about having that endearing story told on every TV station and in every newspaper for days in the run up to the New Hampshire primary, for free. (Huntsman had been going out of his way to tell people his adopted daughters’ backstories in interviews, speeches, and on his website since the beginning of his campaign.  See here, in the “Is The ‘China Jon’ Video ‘Stupid’?” section.)

UPDATE: An astute reader has e-mailed to point out that this was a typo by “NHLiberty4Paul”.  It was supposed to go to Daniel Strauss of The Hill.  They missed the “t” in @dstraussthehill. Surprise, surprise, here are a couple of his past articles…

Huntsman daughters spoof Cain ad, blow bubbles instead of smoke
By Daniel Strauss , 10/28/11

Huntsman camp hits Ron Paul for controversial newsletters
By Daniel Strauss – 12/29/11

Who would have thought?

That concludes Tweet #3. Let’s look at Tweet #4, which was sent out one minute later.

TWEET #4 (January 17, 11:17am)


Another political reporter for, a site which had repeated promoted Huntsman’s daughters. (See @ZekeJMiller above for more info.) Coppins had personally tweeted about the “jon2012girls” on numerous occasions in the past, including at least one direct back-and-forth exchange with them. In fact, some of his previous articles include “Huntsman Girls Go Viral” and “Those Surprising Huntsman Girls”, the latter of which was a flattering profile he wrote after conducting an in person, sit-down interview with all three of them in the offices of The Daily Beast. At 11:27am, he became the first twitter user after “NHLiberty4Paul” to tweet out the “China Jon” video, misleadingly claiming that he had “just found” it, when in actuality it was sent to him by “NHLiberty4Paul” ten minutes earlier (11:17am).


Chris Moody is a writer for Yahoo! News . Here are a couple of his past articles:

Jon Huntsman’s daughters spoof Herman Cain’s ‘smoking’ ad
by Chris Moody, The Ticket, October 28, 2011

Jon Huntsman’s daughters are at it again
by Chris Moody, The Ticket, December 1, 2011

I hope you’ve gotten it by now.

The source of this report is  For further information, please read “The ‘China Jon’ Fraud Deconstructed“, which was published simultaneously with the article that you have just read.  If you appreciate the hard work that went into producing reports of this scope on such a short time table, please consider making a donation to The End Run today. Reminder to webmasters and bloggers: please do not re-publish these particular pieces in its entirety on your sites. Instead, please excerpt a small section (preferably the intros) and link here, so that the author may retain control and continue to perfect the text after initial publication.

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- RICHARD GARDNER, member of the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), "The Hard Road to World Order", (Foreign Affairs, 1974)

end run (n.) Informal A maneuver in which impediments are bypassed, often by deceit or trickery
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