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G. Edward Griffin: The Preeminent Anti-NWO Scholar

May 9, 2009
Last Updated: Dec 21, 2014

More and more people today are waking up to the demonstrable fact that there is a relatively small, well-defined group of individuals working in concert to bring about a “one world” system of centralized power and totalitarian control that the perpetrators themselves fondly refer to as a “new world order”.

However, there is so much misinformation, disinformation, and so many red herrings out there related to this topic (especially on the internet) that many people still do not have a well-developed and factually sound grasp of the nuts and bolts of this system, backed by direct, valid evidence; nor do they understand the underlying ideology (collectivism) of the elitists behind this “end run around national sovereignty” (as Richard Gardner once put it).

This is indicative that (amongst other things) many people still have not payed close enough attention to the work of G. Edward Griffin.

Most people who are awake to the reality of the Federal Reserve System at least vaguely know that Griffin is an expert on that particular topic. Most have heard of his famous book The Creature From Jekyll Island, and have seen him in documentaries such as America: Freedom To Fascism and Fiat Empire. They “like” him; they perceive that he is intelligent, articulate, and knowledgeable; but I suspect that many still do not fully appreciate the unusual clarity with which he sees the “big picture”, nor the scope and depth of his knowledge regarding the details that make it up.

Before many of us were born, Griffin was not only keenly aware of the covert drive towards a “global government based on the model of collectivism”, but he had already become one of the most tenacious researchers and articulate communicators of the evidence. As Alex Jones said when introducing Griffin as a guest on his radio show in 2007, “G. Edward Griffin [is] really a legend in the alternative media New World Order resistance movement; one of the last living icons — the great grandaddies — in the fight.”

Later in the interview, Jones elaborated:

“A lot of you woke up to the New World Order because of G. Edward Griffin, [but] you don’t know it. Some other author… some other person woke you up, but you don’t know that he woke them up. That’s how these “ripples in a pond” happen; it’s the guy who was there 20, 30, 40, I guess now 48 years ago when [he] got started throwing rocks in the pond, [back when] there were very few people [in the fight].”

This is exactly right. The problem is that many of the “authors” and “other people” who are waking people up today do not apply the level of scholarship, thoughtfulness, and attention to detail that Griffin has consistently displayed. One consequence of this is the proliferation of the credibility-damaging misinformation that I mentioned a moment ago. But another equally if not more important consequence of inferior researchers acting as teachers, leaders, and de-facto mentors is that, besides perpetuating inaccurate information, they fail to impart the kind of work ethic that we need if we are to win over true academics and skeptics who are willing to listen to this information, but who will fact-check what we say (as they should), and who will reject our message if those facts do not check out.

Thus, I contend that the lessons that can be learned by observing Griffin’s attitude and work ethic are just as important as the explosive, eye-opening content contained within his books, videos, and lectures. He is one of the few individuals in this “movement” whose research you can “take to the bank”. If he quotes something and sources it, you can bet he has viewed the source document and transcribed it accurately. He has not simply pulled an unsourced or unverified quote off of an internet page.

There are two more very important things that those of us who wish to spread the word about what is really going on in the world can and must learn from G. Edward Griffin that I would like to mention. The first is this:

In the aforementioned 2007 interview with Alex Jones, Griffin said, “Dan Smoot was one of the great mentors for me. And I remember thinking one time as I was reading Dan Smoot Report, ‘I wish I could write like that; with such clarity of thought; with no garbage in it; right to the point.’” As anyone who is familiar with Griffin’s work can attest, it turned out that he was capable of writing like that (highly capable), and as his oft-cited bio says, he is today “well known because of his talent for researching difficult topics and presenting them in clear terms that all can understand.” This straight-to-the-point approach is one of the major things that makes him such an effective communicator of information that people often have a very hard time accepting psychologically (due to its paradigm-shifting implications). Conversely, it is the failure to adhere to this approach that has made some researchers much less effective than they could be. It is incumbent upon the next generation of anti New World Order researchers and activist that we “inherit” this important trait from Griffin, just as he inherited it from Smoot, if we wish to reach a “critical mass” of awareness in the general public as quickly as possible.

Griffin put this imperative succinctly in the introduction to his 1969 lecture More Deadly Than War:

“Ladies and gentlemen, again let me say welcome to our home, and thank you for taking the time to be here. I’m well aware that whether you are here in person, or through the medium of motion picture, that for most of you it is not easy to fit meetings of this kind into your schedules. But the fact that you are here indicates that you do have an interest in the subject, and that means that there is a tremendous obligation on my part to develop that subject with the kind of usable information that will make it worth your while.”

The last thing about G. Edward Griffin that I would like to point out is his rare combination of 1) the kind of intense, sincere passion and unwavering dedication that comes from an eyes-wide-open understanding of what losing this “war” against the “new world order” crowd will mean, and 2) a calm, down to Earth demeanor, derived from his understanding of the long-range nature of this “war” and the detrimental effect to one’s health and effectiveness as a communicator to be any other way.

ALEX JONES: Do you ever get frustrated — because you’ve been a prolific, creative guy, and it seems like you’re doing more now than ever — that there’s just so [many people] you want to warn, so [much] you want to do, so many fact you’ve got, but then you’ve just got so much info that there’s just not enough time to do it all?

G. EDWARD GRIFFIN: (laughs) Do I ever get that way? I’m constantly that way. But I decided some years ago that I had to put a lid on it, because otherwise I’d be so filled with anxiety and frustration that I wouldn’t be able to think straight. … That’s the way I was when I was your age actually.  And then I realized that it was getting to my health, and so I kind of backed off a little bit.  And people say “Oh, you’re so calm now. Nothing seems to bother you.”  They have no idea what fire is raging inside.  Yeah.  Constant anxiety and frustration about what is going on in the world.  But somewhere along the line as you mature you think “Well, okay, you’ve got to survive all of this.  You’ve got to live.  So cool down and take it one step at a time.” That’s what I try to do.

And from the conclusion of his lecture entitled An Idea Whose Time Has Come, the final part of his series The Future Is Calling:

“I’m going to close by telling you that the future is calling. It really is. Can you hear it like I do? I hear it every morning when I wake. I hear it all day long, and usually the last thing before I sleep.

I hear the voices of my grandchildren, and their grandchildren, and they call me by name: “Papa. Papa. What are you doing? What’s happening to our freedom? What are you doing?” And in my mind’s ear I hear myself reply: “Hold on. Hold on. I’m doing everything I can.”

Doesn’t anyone else hear these voices? I wonder if the world is so deafened by the sound of cash registers and rock music and sporting events and sitcom laugh tracks that they cannot hear.

Well I have heard, and I have given my answer for all to hear. And now it would please me so much if you would add your voices to mine, so that together we can answer the future back and say, “Hold on. Hold on. We’re doing everything we can. We will not let you down.”

Because I feel that there is so much to be learned from G. Edward Griffin, both in terms of information and in terms of attitude and work-ethic; and because I feel that — despite the significant amount of respect that he does receive — he is still quite underrated, especially by those who are fairly new to this game, I have compiled a fairly comprehensive list of links to many of his most important works below. Please do yourself a favor and dig in.

The Fearful Master: A Second Look at the United Nations (1964)

Read the full text for online
Read or Download the full text from
Buy the book from Amazon

Description from Amazon Reviewer: This is an excellent book to show you how the United Nations evolved, and what it is doing up to the year 1964. It tells about the motives and goals, including the final goal of moving toward the New World Order. It has a wonderful index and glossary. A must have for those who want to know more about globalism.”

The Grand Design: A Lecture on U.S. Foreign Policy (1968)

Watch the video
on YouTube.
Read the transcript at The Reality Zone

“For a long time there’s been a generally accepted view that our foreign policy has been so bungled and confused it couldn’t possibly have followed any design, much less a grand one. But… the purpose of this presentation is to show, not only that there is a Grand Design, but also that it has been the consistent, dominant force behind absolutely every major move by the United States in the foreign policy field since at least the end of World War II. This Grand Design has provided the motivation for all we have done in the past, and unless some basic changes are made, it will determine everything we shall do in the future. Regardless of one’s opinion of this Grand Design, it’s the outgrowth of a powerful and compelling argument, a profound statement of philosophy, and a deceptively attractive appeal to reason… Unless we are able to counter this argument and to offer a superior philosophy, we’ll continue to be like putty in the hands of its advocates.”

More Deadly Than War: The Blueprint for Revolution in America (1969)

Watch the video on YouTube
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Examines Communist theory and practice of revolution — particularly as applied to the United States — as taught by them and advocated by them in their own manuals, textbooks, and schools. This presentation is still highly relevant today because, as Mr. Griffin put it in a recent speech, “the old former Communist commissars simply took their hat off that said Communist on the front of it and turned it around and now it says Social Democrat, but you notice it’s the same heads underneath the hats. The heads didn’t change, nor did their real policies.

The Capitalist Conspiracy (1972)

Watch the video on YouTube
Buy the video from The Reality Zone
Buy the transcript from Amazon

Description from The Reality Zone: “An illustrated presentation by G. Edward Griffin. This is a video adaption of a documentary filmstrip tracing the history of a small group of people who control the money systems of the world. It shows how this monopoly is protected by governments and how the group’s vast wealth is derived from creating money out of nothing. We see how this group wields power through government, foundations, education, and the mass media.”

World Without Cancer: The Story of Vitamin B17/Laetrile (1974)

Watch the video on YouTube (abridged filmstrip adaptation)
Buy the book from The Reality Zone
Buy the book from Amazon
Buy the video from The Reality Zone

Description from The Reality Zone: “Mr. Griffin marshals the evidence that cancer is a deficiency disease—like scurvy or pellagra— aggravated by the lack of an essential food compound in modern man’s diet. That substance is vitamin B17. In its purified form developed for cancer therapy, it is known as Laetrile. This story is not approved by orthodox medicine. The FDA, the AMA, and The American Cancer Society have labeled it fraud and quackery. Yet the evidence is clear that here, at last, is the final answer to the cancer riddle. Why has orthodox medicine waged war against this non drug approach? The author contends that the answer is to be found, not in science, but in politics—and is based upon the hidden economic and power agenda of those who dominate the medical establishment. This is is the most complete and authoritative treatise available on this topic.”

The Hidden Agenda: Merging America into World Government, told by Norman Dodd, investigator of tax-exempt foundations (1982)

Watch the video on YouTube
Buy the video from The Reality Zone

Description from The Reality Zone: In this program you will learn that the major tax-exempt foundations, since at least 1945, have been operating to promote an agenda that has little to do with charity, good works, or philanthropy. The real objectives include the creation of a world-wide collectivist state which is to be ruled from behind the scenes by those same interests which control the foundations. This story is told by Norman Dodd who, in 1954, was the staff director of the Congressional Committee to Investigate Tax-Exempt Foundations, known as the Reece Committee, in recognition of its Chairman, Congressman Carroll Reece. Mr. Dodd speaks from experience with the leaders of the great foundations of that period, some of whom were amazingly frank about their goals. This interview, conducted by G. Edward Griffin, has captured a rare piece of history and illustrates the continuity between the past and present drive for a “New World Order.”

No Place To Hide: The Strategy and Tactics of Terrorism (1982)

Watch the video for free on YouTube
Read or Download the transcript from The Reality Zone.
Buy the video from The Reality Zone
Buy the video from Amazon

Description from The Reality Zone: “This documentary removes the mystery from international terrorism. On the surface, terrorism appears to be irrational and counter-productive but, when the long-range strategy and tactics are understood, it becomes recognizable as part of a larger plan to weaken and destroy target governments. It is but one phase of the Marxist-Leninist dogma of so-called Wars of National Liberation. The terrorists themselves are dispensable players in this deadly game because, when the target governments are finally toppled, it will not be the terrorists who come to power, but the international Marxist apparatus which has trained and supplied them. Here are the documented facts which show the detailed operation of this network. The program is built upon sound research and offers powerful visual images and amazing historical footage.”

The Subversion Factor: A History of Treason in Modern America (1983)

Watch the video on YouTube
Buy the video in VHS format from Amazon

Description from Amazon: “This program is presented in two parts. Part 1: Moles In High Places and Part 2: The Open Gates of Troy . It exposes the systematic and disturbing history of subversion by enemy agents of the US government from 1920s to the present day. Evidence is culled from public records and supported by remarkable newsreel footage. Learn the real truth about Alger Hiss and the theft of atomic bomb secrets. Discover how Communist spies penetrated the OSS before it became the CIA. Most disturbing of all is the revelation that every defense the US government once had against subversion has now been dismantled.”

Deception Was My Job: The Testimony of Yuri Bezmenov, Propagandist for the KGB (1984)

Watch the video on YouTube
Buy the video from The Reality Zone

Description from The Reality Zone: “Yuri Bezmenov, the son of a high-ranking Soviet officer, was a member of the elite propaganda arm of the KGB, known as the Novasti Press Agency. One of his assignments was to accompany journalists visiting the Soviet Union to make sure they did not discover the truth about Soviet life. After becoming disillusioned with the oppressive system, he escaped to the West at great risk to his life. In this interview, conducted by G. Edward Griffin, Mr. Bezmenov tells how the Soviets used propaganda against their own citizens; how he hoodwinked American journalists into publishing Soviet propaganda, how slave laborers are concealed from foreign visitors, and how he escaped to the West posing as an American hippie. Includes many photographs brought with him on microfilm at the time of his escape.”

The Creature From Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve (1992)

Buy the book from The Reality Zone
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Watch a video of Griffin delivering a lecture on the topic on YouTube
Buy the audio recording from The Reality Zone
Buy the audio recording from Amazon

Description from The Reality Zone: Where does money come from? Where does it go? Who makes it? The money magician’s secrets are unveiled. Here is a close look at their mirrors and smoke machines, the pulleys, cogs, and wheels that create the grand illusion called money. A boring subject? Just wait. You’ll be hooked in five minutes. It reads like a detective story – which it really is, but it’s all true. This book is about the most blatant scam of history. It’s all here: the cause of wars, boom-bust cycles, inflation, depression, prosperity. Your world view will definitely change. Putting it quite simply, this may be the most important book on world affairs you will ever read.

The Future Is Calling (2004)
*** Possibly the best concise overview of the big picture in existence

Download and view all five parts of this series of essays

Description from the website of Freedom Force International: “This is Mr. Griffin’s analysis of the War on Terrorism and much more. Terrorism is a distraction for deeper issues. Both hawks and doves are playing into the hands of those who are using the conflict for their own hidden agendas. You will discover the Council on Foreign Relations, an organization that has dominated U.S. public policy since World War I. You will learn about the ideology called collectivism that motivates this group and find that its members believe that the best way to bring about desirable changes in society is to engage in war. Mr. Griffin meticulously documents how these people, working within the American government, plotted to involve the U.S. in both World Wars. They even encouraged enemy attacks so they could claim the status of victim instead of aggressor. The lessons and parallels for the War on Terrorism are chilling.”

The Science and Politics of Cancer (circa 2005)

Watch the video on YouTube
Buy the video from The Reality Zone

In this presentation, Mr. Griffin discusses the two opposed views of cancer, the use of pancreatic enzymes and food factors in the control of cancer, how the pharmaceutical cartel captured the medical profession, how (and why) Sloan Kettering falsified research to discredit Laetrile, and more. He also addresses the question, “Is there a conspiracy to withhold a control for cancer?

G. Edward Griffin interviewed in-studio by Alex Jones (2008)

Watch the video on YouTube. (Link no longer works)
Watch a newer sit down interview on YouTube

From Google Video: “Alex Jones is joined by legendary author and lecturer G. Edward Griffin to discuss the banking system, the credit crunch and the collapse of the dollar and U.S. sovereignty. Griffin lucidly explains how we need to re-assert our own power to fight the corrupt institutions of power that have taken control over our lives in this fascinating in-depth interview which offers real answers and solutions”

From Freedom Force International: “Alex Jones is one of the premier talk-show hosts in America with over a million daily listeners. He is considered by many to be the grandfather of what has come to be known as the 9/11 Truth Movement. In a July 2001 television taping, six weeks before 9/11, he warned that Globalists were going to attack New York and blame it on Osama bin Laden and that their motive was to create the fear of terrorism as an excuse for bringing martial law to America… He has been featured on Good Morning America, 20/20 Downtown, 60 Minutes, The Discovery Channel, A&E, and has appeared on many radio and TV stations across the country. He broadcasts nationwide on the Genesis Communications Radio Network”

G. Edward Griffin has written: “Alex Jones is one of my favorite guerilla journalists. He goes where the timid will never be seen. And he is in a hurry. He shoots from the hip, which means that once in a while he may not get the facts entirely right; but, most of the time, he hits the bull’s-eye with his first shot. He is loud. He is crude. And he has done more to awaken the sleeping masses to the truth than anyone else on the scene today. I really like Alex Jones.”

The Quigley Formula: A Conspiratorial View of History as Taught by the Conspirators Themselves (2008)

Download mp3 (right click link and “Save As”)
Read the full transcript on the website Republic Magazine
Watch the video on YouTube (2010 version)

“We have been taught from the beginning that we do live in a democracy, and in a democracy the majority should rule. The majority is always right and no matter what the issue is. In fact, the more complex and the more important the issue is, the more necessary it is to submit it to a vote because the majority shall rule (we are told). The purpose of this talk is to offer the idea that this — although it’s a cherished American tradition and in many other countries too, it is a dangerous tradition, and in fact is being used against the common man to take away his freedom.”

The Dangerous Servant: A Discourse on Government (circa 2008)

View the video on YouTube
Buy the video from The Reality Zone

Description from The Reality Zone: “This program consists of unedited responses to questions presented to G. Edward Griffin by a camera crew creating a documentary on the U.S. Constitution. In this session, he answers the most difficult questions imaginable in the fields of political and social science. The depth and clarity of his response is amazing, especially considering he is speaking extemporaneously without benefit of script or notes. In an era when many people are just now waking up to the WHAT of current events, here are issues for the brain that go far beyond that shallow pool into the deep water of WHY and HOW.”

Select Essays (2001-2009) by G. Edward Griffin

How Collectivists Create Their Own Opposition and How Not To Be Fooled By It (PDF, 386 KB)

Thirteen Predicts for the War on Terrorism Originally published three days after 9/11. Astounding accuracy is the result of knowing the collectivist agenda.

The Report From Iron Mountain: Using fear to make people subservient to the government

The Creed of Freedom

How Collectivists Use The Diamond Tactic To Sway Public Meetings and How To Twart Them

Everything There Is To Know About Gun Control is 99 Words

Was Mr. Griffin a member of the John Birch Society and Isn’t That An Extremist Group?

Meet Edward Flaherty, Conspiracy Poo-Pooist A response to a critic of The Creature from Jekyll Island

Are Jews and Masons and Jesuits Conspiring To Rule The World?

What Role Does Religion Play in Freedom Force?

The JFK Myth: Was he assassinated because he opposed the Fed?

The U.S. Government Did Not Fail Its Mission In The Wake of Hurricane Katrina “It was a huge success in promoting its own agenda. Unfortunately, that agenda was not to rescue American citizens.”

Aren’t you afraid of harm from the powerful forces you oppose?

Video Reviews by G. Edward Griffin

The Money Masters and Capitol Crimes “They are excellent productions with a great deal of history and professionally created images. … There is just one problem. They offer a false solution – which is to say they offer no solution at all.”

Money As Debt “An instructional video that gets a flunking grade”

Zeitgeist Addendum “This program does not offer a cure. It offers a mega dose of the disease itself.”

The Power of Nightmares “There are good and not-so-good elements in this series.

Websites of G. Edward Griffin

Freedom Force International An organization founded by G. Edward Griffin in 2002

The Reality Zone A subsidiary of American Media, the publisher of many of Griffin’s works. Sells most of the books, videos, and lectures listed on this site, as well as many other extremely important works by others.

Unfiltered News A weekly news compilation by G. Edward Griffin. Click “Current Issue” to view the most recent edition. There is a link for a free subscription within the body of each issue. We encourage you to take him up on that offer.

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- RICHARD GARDNER, member of the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), "The Hard Road to World Order", (Foreign Affairs, 1974)

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