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Huntsman Complicit in “False Flag”-Style Dirty Trick Against Paul

Huntsman with Piers Morgan foreshadowing attacks on Paul

YouTube stats show that Huntsman’s official website was the first website to post the ridiculous, anonymously created “China Jon” video immediately after it was uploaded, yet Huntsman and the corporate media blame Ron Paul supporters for its creation and call on Paul himself to disown it. Meanwhile, Huntman uses it as a means to play the victim and paint himself as a cosmopolitan hero, with full media cooperation.
January 6, 2012

If you thought it would be impossible for Jon Huntsman and the Establishment media to stoop any lower than they already have in their attempts to marginalize and discredit Ron Paul, you thought wrong.

Just last week, Huntsman’s campaign released a “tacky, glib ‘Twilight Zone’ attack ad in a desperate bid to steal Ron Paul voters,” in the words of’s Paul Joseph Watson.

Now, just days later, a ridiculous, pathetic joke of a video has been posted to YouTube entitled “John Huntsman’s Values.” The one minute video, which was posted two days ago (Jan 4), features clips of Huntsman speaking Mandarin, images of him with his adopted Chinese and Indian daughters, and Photoshopped images mixing Huntsman’s likeness with that of Mao Zedong. (Huntsman was formerly a U.S. Ambassador to China.) The clips and images are interspersed with asinine captions questioning Huntsman’s faith and “American Values,” referencing his adopted daughters, and calling him “The Manchurian Candidate.”

An idiotic video if ever there was one, and a video that would normally get virtually no attention except by people wanting to marvel at the stupidy.

Now for the rub:  The concluding caption is “American Values And Liberty… Vote Ron Paul.”  Starting to smell the stink yet?

The video was uploaded by a user called “NHLiberty4Paul” on Wednesday, January 4. A quick look at the user’s channel page (archived here as a backup) shows that the account was created the exact same day that the video was uploadedThis brand new, anonymous user has, of course, zero other uploads.

Furthermore, according to the publicly-viewable stats provided by YouTube, the very first place this video was posted was Jon Huntsman’s campaign website,  This was done on January 4, the very day the video was uploaded to YouTube, and before the video had received any traffic from other sites.

First referrer to show up in stats is

Huntsman’s people then immediately came out condemning the video and calling on Ron Paul to disavow it, as though he had anything to do with it or even knew about it.  An article published on the website of the Salt Lake Tribute on January 5, the day after it was posted, reads:

Huntsman to Paul: Disavow ‘manchurian candidate’ ad with Chinese daughter

Jon Huntsman’s campaign is asking Rep. Ron Paul to disavow a YouTube spot posted by a supporter that questions whether the former Utah governor is loyal to the United States or China and features shots of his adopted Chinese daughter, Gracie Mei, and an image of Huntsman superimposed wearing a Communist uniform.

“The ad is offensive and the Paul campaign and their supporters should condemn it,” Huntsman spokesman Tim Miller said Thursday night after the clip began circulating.

(Continued here.)

The same day, the video was posted to the front page of, where smear artist Leon H. Wolf used it as an excuse to attack Ron Paul and his supporters.   With absolutely no proof and zero skepticism regarding who created the video, Wolf tells his readers that this video was created by “Ron Paul supporters” and provides “yet more evidence that they are mostly liberal Democrats who are mad that Obama has governed too far to the right.”

“Clearly Paul’s supporters are smarting a bit from finishing well behind a guy with no money and no campaign organization in Iowa, which was their one and only chance to win a state, and are letting their true colors show,” Wolf added.

The video was also posted to on January 5th, where, again, with zero proof or skepticism, it was attributed it to an “independent group supporting Ron Paul’s candidacy,” and was said to “illustrate some of the more fervent energy on behalf of the candidate.”  They later added:

UPDATE: We’ve received suggestions from some readers that this video was created to “troll” Ron Paul supporters and make them look bad. It appears that the YouTube account was created just one day ago. There is no way to know for sure whether this was created sincerely on behalf of Dr. Paul or as a dirty trick against his followers. As always, we will let our readers decide.

Huntsman himself foreshadowed an upcoming attack on Ron Paul in a recent interview on CNN.  Referring to a recent tweet by a Ron Paul staffer poking fun at his poor showing in Iowa, Huntsman and Piers Morgan laughed through the following exchange:

HUNTSMAN: Just tell Dr. Paul that I owe him a tweet in return, and he should be– he should be expecting one some time soon.

MORGAN: I think you should do what Mitt Romney does and get the dirty work done by somebody else.  In your case maybe your daughters could unleash themselves on Twitter on him.  I think that might be a better way of doing it.  Keep your hands out of it.

HUNTSMAN: They’ve got plenty– they’ve got plenty up their sleeves Piers, and you might be surprised at what they release in the next few days.

MORGAN: No, I’m hearing– I’m hearing noises of more stuff coming.  I can’t wait.

Watch the video here:

Despite all of this evidence that this is a “false flag”-style dirty trick set up by OPPONENTS of Paul with the complicity of — or even at the direction of — the Huntsman campaign, the corporate media is now running with this story and attributing the video to Paul supporters, and in some cases even the actual Ron Paul campaign itself, while allowing Huntsman to play the victim.  Examples:

Huntsman objects to ad by Paul backers featuring adopted daughters Washington Post/AP, Jan 6

Huntsman outraged at ad targeting adopted daughters Reuters, Jan 6
“Republican presidential hopeful Jon Huntsman and members of his family expressed outrage on Friday at an advertisement targeted at his adopted daughters by a group supporting rival Ron Paul.”

Pro-Ron Paul ad mocks Jon Huntsman’s adopted Chinese daughter San Fransisco Chronicle, Jan 6

Jon Hunstman denounces ad showcasing his adopted daughters  Guardian, Jan 6
“Ad posted to YouTube by pro-Ron Paul group labels Huntsman as un-American for adopting girls from China and India”

Huntsman Slams Web Video Featuring Adopted Daughters Fox News, Jan 6
“Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman slammed a group purportedly backing Ron Paul after it released a Web video that included footage of Huntsman’s adopted daughters and questioned whether he represented “American values.”

Jon Huntsman objects to video supporting Ron Paul that calls him ‘Manchurian candidate’ Boston Globe, Jan 6

Ron Paul’s Negative Ad Blitz The Atlantic Wire, Jan 6

Cindy McCain, whose husband, Senator John McCain, just endorsed Mitt Romney yesterday, soon jumped in on the action, acting as though this video was posted by Ron Paul’s campaign, tweeting:  “I deeply resent the video made using the adopted daughters of @johnhuntsman. @ronpaul shame on you.”  Fox News and ABC made this tweet headline news.

The Paul campaign has, of course, already explained that they had nothing to do with this video, nor do they support it at all.

Paul’s New Hampshire spokeswoman, Kate Schackai: “The video was utterly distasteful and no one who actually supports Dr. Paul’s principles would have made it”

Paul’s campaign chairman, Jesse Benton:  “The video is disgusting… [whoever] put that up should remove it immediately.”

Nevertheless, CNN’s John King — right after attempting to link Paul to racists and anti-Semites and failing miserably — felt the need to show this video to millions on national TV, with captions calling it a “political ad.”  Paul, of course, denounced the video, and pointed out the absurdity of asking him to answer for it.  He apparently hadn’t even seen it yet. (The relevant section starts around the 6:40 mark, but I recommend watching the full video.)

(John King’s wife, CNN “journalist” Dana Bash, recently let it slip that she is personally “worried” about Ron Paul’s campaign.)

Meanwhile, this story has generated more positive press for Huntsman than money could buy.  Endearing images of him with his adopted daughters are all over the media, along with quotes of him explaining how he heroically saved them from a bleak fate.

Furthermore, one of Huntsman’s (biological) daughters –  the ones who just days ago he hinted had “plenty up their sleeve” and that “you might be surprised at what they release in the next few days” –  has already gone on national TV denouncing the anonymously-created YouTube video (sorry, “POLITICAL AD”, according to Fox News) as “vile” and promoting Huntsman as a family man (video).

This is a priceless Jon Huntsman campaign ad, running in every newspaper and on every TV screen nationwide, for free.  “Cui Bono?

UPDATE #1: Some anonymous person (“AN APPARENT SANTORUM SUPPORTER”!) has now created the YouTube account NH4Santorum and uploaded the same video there, calling on viewers to vote for Santorum.  NH4freedomRomney has also appeared (OBVIOUSLY CREATED BY A ROMNEY SUPPORTER!).  It too features the “China Jon” ad, and calls on viewers to vote for Mitt Romney.  Will the media now ask these candidates to disown the video, or will they suddenly be perfectly capable of seeing how ridiculous that is?  The answer is obvious.

UPDATE #2: A couple months ago, Huntsman’s daughters made a viral video spoofing Herman Cain’s “smoking” ad:

Here is a Washington Post headline from a month later (Dec 1):  “John Huntsman’s strange viral video strategy.“  The article begins, “In their latest video, three daughters of former Utah governor Jon Huntsman rap insults about the rest of the GOP presidential field to the tune of Justin Timberlake’s “SexyBack.”

UPDATE #3: A reader has e-mailed me to point out that the offending “Jon Huntsman’s Values” video was tagged “jon2012girls” by whoever operates the “NHLiberty4Paul” account.

jon2012girls is the online moniker of Huntsman’s daughters, which they use on YouTube and Twitter.  Their Cain “spoof” video carries the same tag.  (Like the info in Update #2, these are just facts – take from them what you will.)

UPDATE #4: Some people are going wild over a thread on a web forum which purports to be an exchange between Huntsman “campaign insiders”, one of whom supposedly got a call from “the big man” himself to thank him/her personally for creating the “China Jon” video.  The thread is an obvious fake/parody.  If it’s not obvious enough just by reading the thing, please note that, earlier today, there were only TWO TOTAL THREADS in the entire “Jon Huntsman Forum” (on this random website which says at the top “Be Anonymous – Registration is not required to post”), including the thread in question.  The other thread was entitled “Great plan to get rid of ron paul supporters …FOREVER!”.  It reads: “Even when ron paul loses big time, his supporters will still be a thorn in the side of the status quo. We need to get rid of these people forever. I propose that after Huntsman is elected, he nukes iran, which will quickly result in WW3. At this time we can force a military draft, ship all them ron paul hippies to the middle east and use them as cannon fodder. JUST LOOK AT THESE NUTS IN THE PICTURE!!! THEY ARE A DANGER TO AMERICAS FREEDOMS” .  Do people really think this is how Huntsman supporters talk?  It’s obvious satire.  These anonymous internet users are not real Huntsman  “campaign insiders”, just like the creator of the “China Jon” video is not a real “Ron Paul supporter”.

UPDATE #5: On Friday, Huntsman’s daughters retweeted Cindy McCain saying “@ronpaul shame on you” to their 20,000+ followers via their “Jon2012girls” Twitter account.  Do you think they’re incapable of understanding that Ron Paul is not responsible for anonymously-created internet videos?

UPDATE #6: Actually, On JANUARY 5TH, Huntsman’s daughters were already using Twitter to disseminate a article entitled “Paultards Hate Huntsman for Knowing Chinese, Adopting Foreigners” to their 20,000+ followers.  This was one of the very first attack articles written based on the video, if not THE first.  Before linking to the hit-piece, Huntsman’s daughters wrote the following message, addressed to Ron Paul and his campaign personally: “@RonPaul this crosses the line and should be condemned.  Hurtful, spiteful, and un-American.”    This was the day after the video was uploaded and before the media, or even most (if not virtually all) Ron Paul supporters were aware of its existence.  In the next tweet they say they are on their way to a 6pm media appearance, so this tweet to Paul was no later than late afternoon/early evening.  Here is a screenshot of the relevant tweets.

UPDATE #7: The YouTube stats for the “China Jon” video have updated themselves, and it turns out that the very first site to actually embed the video was, whose editors gave it the title “Paul Supporters Launch Insane Attack On ‘Manchurian Candidate’ Jon Huntsman“. is a website focused on viral media.  Sure enough, a quick Google search within that site shows that they have routinely covered the activities of Huntsman’s daughters.  As a matter of fact, just two days ago BuzzFeed politics published an article entitled “The Huntsman Daughters: A Guide“, and at this very moment as I write this (12:42am EST on Jan 9), the front page of features the article “The Huntsman Daughters Live-Tweet The New Hampshire Debate“. It also appears that political reporter Zeke Miller may be on their mailing list.  On January 5, the same day BuzzFeed posted the “China Jon” video, Miller tweeted: “In other fundraising news, @Jon2012girls email asking for help supporting “the Huntsman surge”. Earlier today, the Editor-in-Chief of Buzzfeed tweeted that Paul’s camp “thinks (not unreasonably) that offensive video was a set-up.”

UPDATE #8: It is now three weeks later, and two extremely detailed follow-up articles have just been published: The China Fraud Deconstructed and Twitter Trail Confirms “China Jon” Video as “False Flag”, Points to Huntsman Campaign.

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