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BREAKING: Man arrested protesting Ron Paul was uploader of video threatening to “shut down” Iowa caucuses
December 31, 2011

When five protesters were arrested on Thursday outside of Ron Paul’s campaign office in Ankeny, Iowa, it was covered as “headline news” by the Des Moines Register, USA Today, Washington Post, ABC News, Time, Houston Chronicle (AP), Fox News, Yahoo News (AP), and others in the corporate media.

In short, the group sat blocking the door to the office with signs, chanting, and refused to leave the private property.  So, after repeated requests they were cited with trespassing, handcuffed, arrested, and later released.

One of the protesters stood out from the rest.  He was the only male arrested, and while the others protested some of Dr. Paul’s political positions, he held an “END THE FED” sign, which is the primary slogan of the anti-Federal Reserve movement.  Huh?  Ron Paul wrote the book on ending the Fed.  Literally.  He has been one of the Federal Reserve’s most staunch opponents for decades, and is widely regarded as the modern “END THE FED” movement’s inspiration and leader.  In the muffled audio, the protester can even be heard claiming to be a “precinct captain” for Ron Paul.

The Des Moines Register quotes him attempting to explain this paradox as follows:

“I’m a Ron Paul precinct captain,” he said repeatedly as he was being arrested. “But I’m here in solidarity. I don’t support every single position Ron Paul holds.”

CNN quoted him saying:

“I don’t believe with Ron Paul on every single issue…I came to stand with my sisters. I came to address that with the campaign and I just got arrested”

Here is a video his arrest:

Who is this seemingly oddball protester?  The corporate media gives us his name — Clarke Davidson — but as far as I can see they completely fail to answer this question in any other way when reporting on this incident.

If you read the headline of this article, you already know that Clarke Davidson is, among other things, the guy who uploaded the video to YouTube — purportedly on behalf of the amorphous and shadowy group “Anonymous” — calling on activists to “peacefully shut down” the Iowa caucuses. (See here and here, for example.)

In case you haven’t heard, this “threat” video is now being used in conjunction with these “Occupy” protests (which have targeted other candidates this week as well) as a pretext to move the vote counting in Iowa to a secret location.

Another interesting note is that just last month, when he was identified as the uploader of the “Anonymous” video, Davison claimed to have been a Paul voter in 2008, but he said that he is now thinking that it might not be “ethical” for him to vote for Paul this time around.

Davidson, who grew up in Dallas Center, said he doesn’t find the video troubling or threatening. He caucused for U.S. Rep. Ron Paul of Texas in 2008 but said he is having second thoughts about supporting Paul in the 2012 caucuses.

“I just don’t know if it’s really ethical to participate in those things, like the video says,” Davidson said, noting a section of the video that says voting for either party is unethical.

But now he’s supposedly a “precinct captain” for Paul?

Given these facts, it behooves us to look more closely at Davidson, the origins of the “Anonymous” video that he uploaded, and how it has been and is being utilized by the media and GOP establishment.  The End Run will do this in an upcoming article.  Stay tuned.  UPDATE: The article has now been published: Something Rotten in Iowa? The “Hacktivist Threat” Timeline

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